3 Am Thoughts

I’m finding it difficult to figure out where to even start. Do I work my way from present time and then go back, do I start off from my childhood and slowly get to the breaking points, or do I succumb to my scatter brain and write separate blogs on individual thoughts?

I tried to lay out a mind map and break it into different timelines and topics, but lets be honest, my brain isn’t very organized and I’m pretty all over the place when it comes to ideas (hmm maybe I should google search what to make for dinner) ahh shit. Well that answers my question, looks like this blog is going to be all over the place, spastic and random. Depending on my mood, my life at the moment and my many different physician appointments, I’ll be stressing, contemplating and going into deep thoughts about my life today and in the past.

I’ll try to break these up nice and small, cause I know we all have shit to do and I know we all are very easily side tracked. I’m not going to be right all the time and I’m DEFINITELY going to cause some backlash and disapproval, but fuck it, that’s the best part.

I hope you enjoy my rants, thoughts and stories and really do think about why and how we are the way we are. I hope these cause you to think about how you act around those of us that decided not to drink, and I hope those of you who are on the same path feel not alone and understand that all of this is super foreign and awkward as fuck for me too.

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