Spending Time And Money On You

Since I’ve made the big life adjustments, my days have been pretty up and down. Most days I’m feeling awesome and excited that I’m on a brand new path of dedication to myself. But I’ve definitely suffered from the massive pay cut and loss of friends from my old industry. But I’ve dedicated my time and money to do what is best for me, to help me stay healthy, positive and grow.

I think a lot of time we get too comfortable with what we have work wise, health wise and personal growth wise. Our bodies naturally want to be as lazy as possible. From our gut adapting how to process what we eat, to our emotional shifts during our daily stresses. We find the simple ways to keep moving forward. Yes its forward, but we shouldn’t we be going forward and up.

For example, say during the day someone cuts in front of you at the Starbucks line. Instantly, your body tightens and you hold your breathe, while you feel that irritation and anxiety build. Take a moment, realize what your body is doing and think to yourself, why? Why do I instantly react this way? Take a breathe, realize its not the end of the world and if you really must, say something politely.

Those little moments of recognition, over time, will allow you to lower those stress levels and re-train your body to not react in such emotional and drastic ways.

You can teach yourself this whenever you feel a sudden change of emotions, positive or negative. These simple quick stops of questioning why and how, will really help you learn more about your triggers and what you can do to calm them down. You’ll be surprised as how much you learn about yourself and how much this small little adjustments help with your overall health.

Now lets talk about the ways to help you, money wise.

Sure going out for a nice dinner, night out for drinks or socializing with the crew will help you feel great during those experiences, but you need to also focus on growth for the long run. Much like going to the doctor or dentist for a check up, we need to make sure everything upstairs is working fine and smoothly, as well.

Maybe hold back one night of dining out and use that money on a naturopathic appointment. You’d be amazing how much, what you put in to you, affects not only your physical appearance, but your mind and energy. Maybe go for an RMT massage, to help alleviate that stress that seems to build up between your shoulder blades, whenever you have work deadlines coming up. Maybe go to talk to a Counsellor, even if you feel you have nothing bothering you. Talking to someone outside of your circle really helps you understand your situations, and even helps you appreciate just how strong you are.

I recently had my Osteopath (who is a whole other article, I HIGHLY recommend seeing one) tell me I was “An amazing woman”, and just that reassurance from someone outside of my regular life, really made me appreciate myself and all the hard work I have put into making my life happier and better.

I’ve never once been upset that I spent my money on bettering my health, but I definitely can say I have after splurging on a fancy dinner.

Take a minute and priorities what you need to do to fully be the best version of yourself you can be. You have the ability to reach out and use these amazing services, so take advantage and learn as much as you can about yourself. You two hang out the most, might as well get comfortable.

Some Vancouver places I recommend you check out:

QI Integrated Health – Osteopathy with Jai Edgar

Finlandia – Naturopath with David Duizer

Alliance Wellness – RMT massage with Adam Lockhart

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  1. Money, Material objects and Education are easy to obtain. But realizing that time is the most valuable takes life experience.


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