–Why Not Learn All You Can About You — Taking Advantage Of Your Extended Health

If you know me or have read my previous articles, you’d know that I love to see Doctors and Therapists of all types; Massage, Osteopath, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Naturopaths, Physiologists, Counsellors and even a Meditation Therapists.

I believe we all deserve the right to learn as much knowledge as we can about ourselves, inside and out. If I’m physically in pain or mentally suffering, I want to speak to all views, all sides and all backgrounds. Fuck, even if I’m not having issues, why not check in to make sure everything is going good. Many of us are lucky to have the option to have extended health with our jobs, so why not use that money and learn about you.

Yes, sometimes I don’t agree, or I don’t feel a positive change. But I know that I have taken the time to listen to my body and seek how to help with the issue I am having or even just to learn about how individually I work.

You need to find someone you are comfortable with, opening up about your issues and someone that doesn’t just ask the direct one sided questions. Understand that your first session may not feel very educating or feel like you’ve done much, these things take time. But do believe in that special feel you have when you do find someone that actually is listening to you and honest about what they see and hear.

My favourite therapists have been the people who ask me, not just about my current state, but about my past, as well as look into all aspects of the situation. They need to be someone you can trust and not be scared to ask stupid questions with, which no question is stupid and someone that would rather know too much, than not enough.

You may not even have serious issues or demanding causes, but I always recommend going continually to help with seeing your triggers and even prevention. You go to the dentist for a check up, why not check on your mind or overall health with your naturopath?

For those of you with extended medical, think of the money you are throwing away month after month. With the cost of living, why not use that money towards bettering yourself. Take advantage of the amazing people around you that are here to listen and help you understand how your body works.

Below are some awesome places I recommend you check out in Vancouver!

Finlandia Health Centre – Supplements, compounding, Naturopaths, IV Therapy and more! One of my favourite places in Vancouver

QI Integrated Health – The one stop shop with everyone you need. From Pilates to Meditation to Osteopathy, this beautifully welcoming environment will leave you wanting to come back for more. Heaven is in Kitsilano

Sana Counselling – Great rates, extended hours and genuinely caring people. With two locations, you cant go wrong.

Alliance Wellness – Chiro, RMT, Physio and Counselling. Another great stop for everything you need to better you. They are busy for a reason, but have enough staff so you don’t have to plan too far ahead.

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