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The short and sweet reason to why I decided to start my blog…

        I never do anything half assed and since, what seems like the most transitional period in my life, why not add some more ownership.

I’m not doing this to try to become a social media guru or “instal-famous”, this site is merely for myself to feel creative, express why and how I decided to quit the booze, and to get people talking about our society and its heavy focus on and around alcohol.

I can’t say this is going to be interesting, amusing or educational, but I can say that it’ll truly be me and how I was affect by the restaurant industry, social realms and my anxiety. The good and the bad and everything in-between, the learning, the struggles, the changes and the outlook.

Since my “Sober” journey has begun, I’ve lost friends, gained friends and reconnected with old friends. All who have an insane amount of motivation, support and love. I hope this motivates, gives hope and gets people talking.

So sit back, get your granny glasses on and lets talk about some serious shit.