Peace and happiness which it could be said are not only the goal, but the baseline, default state of being that we naturally return to—once whatever led to anxiety, anger, or sadness stepping in has been resolved.

Ruby Warrington

1.If you haven’t already taken a listen to this amazing women, Ruby Warrington, I highly recommend you sneak a listen to one of her thought provoking Podcast! If you are thinking about taking the sober path or even if you just want a good listen about society and alcohol, these podcasts really get you thinking and really change your perspective.

2.If you are interested in a read about the restaurant industry and their mental health issues This is an awesome article on hospitality workers and mental health This is an industry that has a lot of pressure put on its employess with a scare tactic mentality. Fake support for mental health, physical health and work life balance makes its extremely easy for people to take a slip.

3. Michael Sealey is DREAMY!! If you ever have issues falling asleep, I HIGHLY recommend you take a listen to one of these beautifully done sleep hypnosis. I’ve had troubles turning off my mind since I can remember. I came across sleep hypnosis over 6 years ago and know listen to it religiously every single night for the past year. With each video having over 5 million views, its bound to say something!

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4. Needing a good meditation app, here are a few I recommend:

  • Insight Timer – The free version is good enough to use for quiet a while, without getting tired of the same thing. I love the fact that you can filter your search by voice, with or without music or voice, time, and style. I have used this app for years and still love it. Defintely a good one for beginners and experienced meditators
  • Headspace – Free version gets boring quickly. The membership is great to get for beginners, as they have a lot of guided meditations, as well as courses you can take. I find this app a little more cheesey, but highly recommend for beginners.
  • Calm – Priciest of the three, no free option, but a 30 day free trail. This is definitely the more dynamic out of them all, but the most expensive. If you want to get serious and don’t need the cheesey cartoons, and silly chats, this is your app.

Out of the 3 meditation apps, I think that Insight timer mixed with good old youtube and you don’t need to pay for anything. I’ve been bouncing between these two for the past couple years and been totally happy with the outcome. Currently I use Headspace as well, mainly because I luckily get a membership free with work, but yes it can be a bit much.